Our Mission

Our mission is to create healthy communities by enabling people to improve their wellbeing through exercise.

  • We break down barriers to exercise, especially for those most vulnerable
  • We provide flexible, rewarding volunteering opportunities linked to physical activity 
  • We empower people to reclaim their local public spaces as places to exercise
  • We promote the physical and mental health benefits that regular activity brings

Our Projects

Our Move Mates project sees volunteer walking buddies paired up with people who don’t have the confidence to get out of their own home. We give people the support they need to improve their physical health through walking whilst offering all the great mental health benefits of having some regular company too.

I felt scared to go out on my own before, it's so much nicer to have some company and for someone to be there in case I fall. It's boosted my confidence and now I feel fit enough to walk to the shop on my own.

We give you free access to our Move Map, where you can see the locations of outdoor exercise equipment. We give you example workouts you can complete at those locations and in some areas we have volunteer Move Champions who deliver free pop-up fitness sessions.

I had no idea how many different exercises you could do [using this exercise equipment], my eyes have been opened!

During the Covid-19 pandemic

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of social distancing, our services shifted from those involving physical contact to non-physical support in the form of welfare calls, prescription deliveries and accessible online workouts. We still focus on the vulnerable and isolated people we usually support and our goal is still to improve physical health and emotional wellbeing. We also still provide flexible, rewarding volunteering opportunities linked to physical activity. 
(Information updated May 2020)