Find out about our brilliant walking buddy project

Move Mates is for absolutely anyone aged 18+ who needs emotional or motivational support to get out of the house and get walking. Our only criteria is that people must be physically able to walk independently (or with the use of mobility aids). 

Our wonderful volunteer Move Mates give people the confidence to get out of their houses and go for a walk - for any purpose - where they would usually struggle to do so on their own.

Why would someone need a Move Mate?

People have all sorts of reasons for becoming inactive, housebound or losing confidence. 

  • social or general anxiety
  • lack of confidence
  • fear of falling
  • recovering from an operation

Whilst Move Mates is a primarily a walking buddy service, we can also help people to get out running in certain circumstances. For example, someone with dementia who is fit enough and enjoys running, but is unable to go on their own.

How does it work?

We pair up our volunteers with someone for a one-off walk or for a series of regular walks.

The Move Mate meets their buddy at their front door and accompanies them for a walk. It could be a walk to the local shop or to pick up a prescription, or it could be a walk to an activity or event they want to attend. It could be as simple as walk around the block just to get moving, build confidence and have a chat.

How do I get involved?

If you want to volunteer as a Move Mate, go to our volunteer application page. We also hold monthly volunteer meet-ups where you can meet other volunteers and ask any questions, these are listed in events.

To request a move mate, or to make a request on behalf of someone else, you'll need to complete our simple online form.