Reflections from Tiff and Billie

I have never come across a group of people more dedicated and willing to go the extra mile”

At the end of July, our Project Manager, Tiff, and Communications Officer, Billie, will be leaving us. They both wanted to share some reflections from their time working with Move the Masses and our amazing volunteers and beneficiaries.

Tiff’s reflection
The volunteers of the city of York have blown me away.


What a nine months it’s been! I took this job having just moved to York and starting an entirely new life. I felt an immediate connection to the charity from the job advert and knew that it was something I had to try and be involved in. It hasn’t always been easy, through the lockdowns and restrictions lifting, we’ve seen more referrals than ever before in MtM history. 


I’ve talked to hundreds of people who needed our support, I’ve heard stories from all over the world and from many years gone by. I’ve had to correct people on the phone that my name is ‘Tiffini’ not ‘Stephanie’ more times than I can count! But I can honestly say that the difference this charity makes to people’s lives is astonishing, and in turn the way it has taught me that everyone needs some help every now and again. No matter what your background is.


I will take people calling me Stephanie anyday if it means they are reaching out for the help they need and deserve.


I also want to take a minute to say how blown away I’ve been by all of you lovely volunteers who set time aside each week to walk, phone and chat with your beneficiaries. Having worked as a volunteer coordinator previously, I have never come across a group of people more dedicated and willing to go the extra mile, than you.


If you volunteer for us in any way, shape or form, I think you’re ace.


Tiff walking with her Move Mate


I’ve met some wonderful people and even though it has been a remote working job since I started, through Zoom calls, Move Mail collections, phone calls and ID checks, I feel like I have gotten to know so many of our volunteers and beneficiaries.


It’s time to move on now though and start something new but I am still a Move Mate for my wonderful beneficiary and will hopefully still get along to some meet-ups in the future.


Keep being amazing.

“Having worked as a volunteer coordinator previously, I have never come across a group of people more dedicated and willing to go the extra mile, than you.


Billie’s Reflection.

Move Mates made telling stories easy.


I came to Move the Masses with very little professional experience but a lot of passion for the charity and the amazing impact it has on the community. After studying a communications degree and enjoying telling people’s stories, I wanted to be able to put my skills to use in a way that actually helped people and I think working for Move the Masses allowed me to do just that.


Working on blogs and video content really opened my eyes to the fact that every single person has something to tell you about and something to bring to the table. I’m sure many of our volunteers already know that often our beneficiaries are the ones with the most incredible stories, they just need someone to listen to them.


I have also been taken aback by the willingness of volunteers and beneficiaries to get in front of the camera, let me join them on walks, and be questioned by me. It just goes to show how valued Move Mates is that all our volunteers and beneficiaries want to sing its praises and are more than happy to spread the word in any way they can.


As someone who uses sport and exercise to help with anxiety, I understand to some extent the therapeutic effect a walk with a friend can have. To be a part of a charity that produces this feeling on a huge scale, helping so many people improve their mental and physical wellbeing has been extremely rewarding.


I am now moving away from York to continue my studies but will always be thankful for the wonderful experience I have had these last 9 months. I would like to say a huge thank you to all volunteers and beneficiaries who made my job of storytelling and promoting Move the Masses so enjoyable!

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