A look into the referral process

How do our Move Mates find us?

We work with referrers to make sure the people who would benefit from our Move Mates service are put in contact with us. Sometimes someone will approach us who we don’t have the resources to help, in that case we refer them to other services and charities like Age UK York and vice versa. It really is a two-way relationship.


We spoke to one of our referrers, Penny, to find out more about the referral process and what it means to the people we help.

The referral process is easy, we have a form on our website and a friendly team who are ready to answer any questions you might have.


“The concept is easy; the concept of a Move Mate is really easy to explain to people.” – Penny


Move Mates helps our beneficiaries gain confidence, improve their physical health and boost their mental wellbeing and our referrers play a huge part in that.


“I was talking to a chap yesterday who has been involved in Move Mates for about three months. He said it has really boosted his confidence immensely”

– Penny

Here are what some of our beneficiaries had to say about Move Mates:


“I really enjoyed walking with my Move Mate, it did me good. I wouldn’t have got out anywhere near as much without her encouragement”


“Walking 100% makes a difference to me, my health would go backwards if I didn’t have my Move Mate walks”


“I feel as though I’m achieving something after I’ve been out and walked and I always look forward to when she’s coming”


Find out more about Move Mates here.


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