Make a difference in your community and improve the wellbeing of your staff

Your staff matter

Giving your staff the opportunity to volunteer as a walking buddy has a powerful, positive impact on them. Not only do they feel physically good, they also feel mentally and emotionally better from doing something good for someone else.

Volunteering brings your team together

Volunteering brings your team together; increasing productivity, decreasing stress and improving staff retention. It also invokes a ‘feel good’ mentality in your office.

As a walking buddy partner, you will be recognised as a supporter of a progressive local charity, championing the wellbeing of all and raising your profile throughout the city. 

York becomes a better place

When our beneficiaries have a walking buddy, their whole life improves. They feel happier and connected, they gain confidence. Physically, people become stronger and more able.

We’re reducing the risk of falls for older people, supporting good mental health by increasing confidence, reducing anxiety and tackling social isolation.

A young man walking with an elderly woman.

Partner with Move the Masses

Partnering our Move Mates project is easy. We’ll work with you to find out how much volunteering time your staff are able to have. We then provide walking buddy training, carry out DBS checks and match them up with a beneficiary they can walk with in the neighbourhood that suits them. 

Raise your company profile

Once you partner with us, we’ll start promoting you straight away. 

Your logo and a company profile goes on our website and marketing material. We blog and and get media coverage shouting about your involvement with us. You’ll be highlighted as our partner in our monthly email & annual impact report. And we regularly mention you and our partnership on social media.

We make sure the impact you are making is known throughout York. 

To talk about partnering with Move the Masses, get in touch