We've collated some of your favourite workouts from the online fitness sessions we held during lockdowns 1 & 2! If you want to see all the videos we have recorded, you can visit our Facebook here.

Movement for everyone...

These workouts are great for all abilities, especially for those who may be less mobile, and are all done from sitting down. To see all of our chair-based workouts you can view our YouTube playlist here!

Exercise using household objects!

Our "Ten Minutes of Movement" workouts use things you have around the house to get you moving and get the heart pumping. So, grab that tea towel, spatula, or cuddly toy and get active! To see all the different household objects we have used and try out more of our workouts, you can view the playlist here.

Something a little tougher...

These bodyweight workouts are a little bit more intense. Go at your own pace and listen to your body, but most importantly enjoy! To see all of the these slightly harder workouts, view our playlist on YouTube here!

If you enjoy these workouts and want to support us you can donate here. You donations help us run projects like this and provide wellbeing through movement.