Nick Griffin - Chair of Trustees

A gift of some running shoes from his Dad on his 30th birthday saw Nick take up exercise. That and the arrival of his kids and realising he wanted to be fit.

Initially horrified at being so out of shape he realised he needed a goal and the London Marathon became just that.

Injuries prevailed, but he did it in 4 hours, and some 20 years later has now competed dozens of marathons, four ultra-marathons and a tonne of other races.

Nick is well and truly hooked.

It was parkrun in York in 2012, however, that really changed his life. With the kids all grown up, the supportive parkrun community filled a social need for him and introduced him to volunteering.

Since then he has combined his love of running and volunteering in many ways including being a parkrun Run Director, a GoodGym Run Leader and soon starting up a running group to support the homeless.

Running now sees him fit, mentally strong, have a great social life and a deep satisfaction that volunteering brings.

It has rubbed off on his family too; exercise was key in helping his wife recover from cancer, his Dad has been inspired to rekindle his passion for sport and his kids have naturally gravitated to exercise in their early Uni days.

Nick knows exercise is key to a happy, healthy, rewarding life and being a Trustee at Move the Masses is an obvious way of passing this on.