New Move Mates Project Manager for Durham

Move Mates Welcomes New Project Manager for Durham

We are super excited to welcome to the Move the Masses team our new Move Mates Project Manager for Durham!

The Move Mates project is now expanding outside of York and the first fresh ground to be trodden by splendid Move Mates’ pairs is Durham. The project in Durham is being led by our brand new Move Mates Project Manager, Hannah!


Read on as Hannah introduces herself and tells us what attracted her to the role: 


“I was attracted to Move Mates because of their mission to improve people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing through their walking-buddy project. In addition, as a committed volunteer myself, I am excited to be involved with a volunteer-centred project.

I am delighted to be part of a team who are driving positive change and helping improve the lives of others. I am passionate about breaking down barriers to exercise and have observed from both my own experiences and engaging with community groups how being active benefits both physical and mental health.

I love living in Durham and really enjoy volunteering and making connections within our communities. There are so many fantastic communities throughout the city and surrounding areas, and I am excited about realising the potential of community-centred approaches to enable better health and wellbeing within these while expanding the Move Mates project here.”


We can’t wait to see the Move Mates project grow in Durham, enabling more people to enjoy the benefits of regular walking.


For more information on the Move Mates project please visit our website.


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