Move Mates Stories: Lucy and Nancy

Setting a goal for your walks helps give a sense of achievement

Nancy, one of our beneficiaries, tells us how reaching her goal while walking with Lucy helped build her confidence, whilst gaining physical strength

Nancy and Lucy first met at the beginning of 2021, in the midst of the third lockdown and a very cold winter. Walking together became something to look forward to for both of them – being able to get outside and meet for a walk felt like a real treat.

Nancy’s goal was to be able to walk all the way around the block – a route that she had been able to do easily previously, before she suffered a fall that injured her back. Walking regularly with Lucy helped her to build her physical strength back up in pursuit of her goal.

It’s the company that’s the thing, because you walk so slow on your own”

Nancy, beneficiary

Each week, the pair walked a little further, sometimes stopping along the way so that Nancy could call into the post office and village store, and buy a birthday card for her family (she is now a proud great grandma of three!), or stock up on a few treats.

After walking together for about 9 months, Nancy built up the strength to achieve her original goal, and walked all the way around the block! Nancy was really proud of herself and her achievement, and now feels confident to take small trips out by herself…in fact, on the day when we met Nancy, she had already walked across the road and was waiting around the corner for Lucy!

 [Walking with a Move Mate] makes you more confident – to go out to the post office and small things. It’s not the same enjoyment as you used to get, but your achievement is better”

Nancy, beneficiary

Nancy feels her walking has improved, and her daughter Annette would agree that for Nancy, regaining her physical strength has been a key outcome from walking with Lucy, as well as regaining social connection.

Lucy also got a lot out of their walks together – Nancy would recount some amazing stories of her youth, describing what it was like to go into a pub as a young woman. Everyday things we take for granted now! Annette explained that Nancy was quite the feminist as a young woman, and if she disagreed with something, or felt that it wasn’t fair, Nancy would speak up about it – an attitude that is just as relevant today in 2021!

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