Move Mates Stories: Helen and Annie

Walking together since 2019.

‘It has kept me going.’ – Annie 

Two years ago, back in 2019, Helen and Annie began walking together whenever they could. Two years later, nothing has changed.


Helen joined Move the Masses back in 2019 because she wanted to give back to the community in a way that also got her out of the house. While Annie is the ‘beneficiary’, Helen believes she gets just as much out of their walks as Annie does, and that it has been so crucial in helping with her own mental health – especially in lockdown.


For Annie, Move the Masses has been a lifeline and escape from isolation. Especially following the recent lockdowns, her walks with Helen have not only helped her mental health but have also improved her own confidence.

‘It has changed my life.’


For a pair that are almost exactly 50 years apart, they both have a lot in common. Annie’s fantastic garden provides a lot of entertainment for their walks. From searching for robins, to looking at plants, and even watching bees, the pair thoroughly enjoy their time outside. Come rain or shine they have continued with their regular walks, with Helen sometimes acting as a human shield from the winter wind!


The Coronavirus pandemic has been difficult universally for mental health, which is why Move the Masses has been so crucial in this difficult time. Helen wrote letters to Annie during the first lockdown, and since then they have continued to meet safely on walks or through doorstep chats.

‘She doesn’t push me, she encourages me.’


Move Mates is not about how far you can walk together or for how long you can walk. It’s about getting outdoors, speaking with someone who truly understands you, and making a great friendship along the way – just like Annie and Helen!

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