Move Mate Stories: Lisa and Sharon

Walking and talking - a recipe for recovery

Walking and talking with Move Mate Sharon has helped Lisa to reclaim her voice

Lisa lives with Multiple sclerosis (MS) and suffered a stroke which took her speech. She contacted Move the Masses to request a Move Mate to accompany her and her dog, Ted, on their walks to give her an opportunity to improve her speaking.


“My stroke has taken my speech, so I want to talk more


Lisa and Sharon enjoy a chat on their walk
Lisa, Ted and Sharon

Lisa’s husband has been away in Antarctica for the last eighteen months and, although they talk regularly over video calls, Lisa doesn’t get much of an opportunity to chat at home. Ted is a great listener but he doesn’t ask many questions! Questions are key to Lisa’s recovery, as they give her the chance to practice the on-your-feet thinking of two-way conversations. 


Being out walking with Ted in the fresh air, Lisa is in her comfort zone and so, it is the perfect activity to be doing whilst working on her speech.


My speech has got better through talking with Sharon, and so has my confidence in speaking to other people


At the end of each weekly walk Lisa, Sharon and Ted call into a pub for a cup of coffee, a treat for Ted and a sit down chat before walking home.


Sharon has also introduced Lisa to the local community café which she runs once a week. There Lisa can talk to more people which has improved her confidence still further.


Lisa and Sharon enjoy a well earned rest after their walk
Exercising legs and voices!

Our volunteers often tell us that they get just as much out of Move Mates walks as the people they walk with and Sharon is no exception to this. She really enjoys walking with Lisa.


Lisa is a lovely lady. I’m so pleased you put us in contact!


Looking to the future, Lisa told us her goal is to “keep improving my speech whilst getting out walking!”


We think you’ll agree with us that Lisa and Sharon are an inspirational pair!


To find out more about Move Mates, including how to apply to become a volunteer, please check out our Move Mates page

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