Get Moving

The Move Map

Use our interactive map to find your nearest outdoor gym or trim trail. We also promote walking routes and challenge you with mini workouts!

Move Map: Quick Guide

Each icon represents a different type of site to get you moving.

Outdoor Gym

Trim Trail

Workout Challenge


We define an outdoor gym as a public space where a variety of outdoor fitness equipment is installed in one area. Although public, some spaces might have limited opening hours, so always check before you visit.

We define a trim trail as linked outdoor fitness equipment which is spread out further than 100m apart. Most trim trails are spread out much further (the longest on our map is 5km). If there is a defined route, you can view it by clicking on the icon and the total distance is shown in the pop-up window.

A workout challenge can be absoutely anything that doesn’t fit into other categories. It could be a workout that takes less than a minute to complete, a recommendation to explore a fun physical activity resource or it could be a 30 minute workout.. we create some workout challenges using local features to motivate you to explore and get moving!

The walks we promote on the map are published resources from other organisations where you can view and/or print the route information. The location shown on the map is the start point of the walk and the total distance is shown in the pop-up window.

Explore Your Local Open Spaces

Woman getting fit on outdoor gym equipment located on the Move Map
Move the Masses – with the help of volunteers – locates outdoor gyms, trim trails and published walking routes, which you can find on our Move Map.

We show people how to exercise outdoors, free of charge and without the need for any additional equipment. We do this by producing short videos to demonstrate a range of exercises for all abilities using the equipment at outdoor gyms.

We also promote other free activities to get you moving and design short, fun workout challenges using local features. Our volunteer Move Champions provide free access to pop-up workouts. These sessions are a great way for people to meet each other in a fun, relaxed environment whilst learning how to exercise using the outdoor gym facilities.

Sessions will restart in summer 2021.

Meanwhile, why not explore the Move Map and log your workouts, or tell us about your local outdoor gym!

Activate Your Space!

We organise, promote and deliver fun, inclusive and professionally run events to get people moving and showcase your outdoor space. Allowing the community to get the very best from the investment in outdoor fitness equipment in your area.
Our sessions and events provide people with quality instruction and guidance, giving them the confidence to use installed outdoor fitness equipment safely and effectively. 

Case Study

Navigation Road Fitness Area, Guildhall Ward, York

We were asked to provide a series of sessions for local residents. The Resident’s Association had been campaigning for 13 years to have an outdoor gym installed but needed guidance on how to use the equipment and instruction on different exercises.

We ran a series of sessions to engage the local residents, giving them the confidence to continue exercising and motivating each other as a group. We produced three videos with a range of exercises for them to use as an ongoing resource. 

Activate your space session at an outdoor gym run by Move the Masses at Navigation road, York
You can lobby your local authority or parish council to have an engagement event in your local area. You could also set up a crowdfunder or mini fundraiser.

Get in touch with us to discuss.
Want us to activate your space? We can offer:
  •         One-off sessions
  •         Community events
  •         Filmed workouts
  •         Consultation and Instruction

Move Map Scout

Love exploring your own local area? Know of a great spot for outdoor fitness which isn’t on our map? Got an update about a site or some new photos you’d love to share?
Once you register with us, you can start scouting and by sending us information, you’ll unlock achievements along the way.

Become a Move Champion

If you’re a qualified fitness professional and you want to do something awesome to help people in your communinty to get moving, we need you!

If you’re a newly qualified fitness professional, this is a brilliant way to gain experience and build yourself a great reputation in your local area.
Move Champions lead free outdoor exercise sessions in public spaces to get people moving.
They motivate, inspire and educate people in their local community.

We provide everything you need to be a Move Champion and mentor you to be the best you can be, you just need to commit to leading sessions and promoting them in your local area.
Move the Masses Move Champion volunteers