Picture of John Bourton

John Bourton - Trustee

John had a lifelong interest in sport and adventurous activities but lost motivation after retiring.

After 5 years he had lost his fitness and become overweight, experiencing many joint and back pains as well as suffering from other medical problems, to the extent that his family became increasingly concerned about his health.

After some peer pressure, he engaged a personal trainer in November 2016. That personal trainer was Egg, founder of Move the Masses. Since then, John has transformed his life, shedding 15kgs through exercise and improved eating habits. He no longer needs prescription medicines for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or any other ailments. John is delighted he can do press-ups again and enjoys regular workouts several times a week. 

John is committed to Move the Masses because it has worked for him! He reckons it is so easy to become a 'couch potato' and finding a way back is hard without support. Move the Masses can provide that support and make regular exercise fun, easy to access and affordable for all.