Creating healthy communities by enabling people to improve their wellbeing through exercise.

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Our Mission

We are a small charity on a big mission to improve people’s wellbeing through exercise.

Move the Masses Charity - Woman using the Move mates scheme We break down the barriers to exercise, using our projects to tackle health inequalities. Volunteer with the Move Mates scheme We provide flexible, rewarding volunteer opportunities to keep people active. Group using outdoor gym equipment run by Move the Masses charity We empower people to reclaim their local public spaces as places for them to exercise. We promote the physical, mental and emotional health benefits that regular physical activity brings. Find Out How Our Work Makes a Difference

The Move Map

Get outside in the fresh air and explore your local area whilst enjoying a fun, free workout at an outdoor gym or trim trail.By attending our sessions or using our online videos, anyone can do accessible, fun, simple workouts local to them. Visit the Map Graphic of Move Map in York area, highlighting outdoor gyms, trim trails and walks Use our map to find workouts Follow our online workouts Attend our sessions Move Mates volunteer and benefactor walking in York

Move Mates

Our Move Mates project makes getting out for a walk a reality for people who might otherwise find barriers in their way.We pair up our volunteers with someone for a one-off walk or for a series of regular walks. We ask people to set goals for their walking and review this after a three month period to decide together if further support is required. The Move Mate meets their buddy at their front door and accompanies them for a walk. It could be a walk to the local shop or to pick up a prescription, or it could be a walk to an activity or event they want to attend. It could be as simple as walk around the block just to get moving, build confidence and have a chat. Find Out More
” My Move Mate gives me the confidence to go further. We share stories and I am now able to walk to local shops. I am more comfortable getting around the house too. “
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Volunteer Story

The satisfaction of doing something you are passionate about whilst volunteering.

Chris joined Move the Masses as a volunteer in 2020 when he was furloughed from his job. He initially volunteered to deliver prescriptions as part of our Covid-19 response and then went on to become a Move Mate for a local woman that lived not far from him.

Being furloughed saw him have much more spare time than he was used to, so when he saw a request for Walk Leader training for the then new Acomb Ambles walking project, he jumped at the chance.

Chris has always worked with young people in the community and loves being involved in community projects and meeting people. So now, following his training, he leads a leisurely walk through Acomb on a monthly basis.

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“I really like what Move the Masses do. I think it’s a great philosophy and a great set up”
Chris – Volunteer
“People often talk about ‘giving up their time’ to volunteer but really you’re not giving anything up or having to make a sacrifice. You’re using your time in a fulfilling and enriching way and afterwards, you’ve achieved something positive, you’ve made a difference.” Become A Volunteer

Ways To Volunteer

Group photo of fundraising event held to raise money for the Move the Masses Charity Find Out More


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