Gaining confidence through one-to-one walking

Craig wanted a Move Mate because he lacked confidence and felt it was too much to join a group to socialise.

Craig is autistic and had been struggling to communicate with people and build relationships. Whilst he wanted a Move Mate and knew that it would beenfit him, he felt nervous about who his Move Mate would be and if he would be able to converse with them. When Laura arrived with a big smile on her face, he was immediately put at ease.


Laura and Craig now walk together regularly. They talk about all types of things and both get a lot out of it. We met with them to find out more, check out our video below.

For Craig, his confidence has soared; he now feels he can communicate with people and is happy to look them in the eye when he talks. He is also really pleased to be able to hold conversations with people in the past he would have been too shy to approach.


Laura loves the difference she makes in Craig’s life, and having such an enjoyable reson to get out for a walk every week.

It’s an amazing experience and works both ways. There are days I don’t feel like going out but knowing I’m meeting Craig gets me out of the house as well.”

Laura – Move Mate Volunteer

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