Egg Cameron - Founder and Chief Executive

Egg spent many years being inactive and overweight before she discovered the joy of movement. She hated sports at school and found herself needing knee operations in her teenage years as a result of being overweight.

Becoming active really changed Egg's life, it made her feel happier and brought her a whole community of new friends too. Now she wants to bring that joy to everyone, to show people how simple it is to be healthier and how getting fitter doesn't have to cost money or be too arduous.

Egg's vision is that everyone everywhere has the opportunity to see how to exercise for free in their local open spaces; to see parents encouraging their children to be active whilst remembering they're never too old to play! She wants us as a community to ensure the older population remain active and stay connected, reducing the risk of falls and preventing social isolation.

Egg started Move the Masses to do all of this; to inspire people to get moving, to educate everybody on how easy it is and to provide people with volunteering opportunities where you can be physically active too.