Know someone who needs a Move Mate?

Move Mates is our brilliant walking buddy project in York which helps people get active, build confidence and become more independent.

Here’s how it works: A volunteer walking buddy ‘Move Mate’ meets a person at their front door and accompanies them on a walk; perhaps it’s a walk to the local shop or to pick up a prescription, or it could be a walk to an activity or event they want to attend.  Maybe they fancy a walk around the block just to get moving and have a chat.

Our Move Mates give people the confidence to get out for a walk, for any purpose, where they would usually struggle to do so on their own. We initially provide a walking buddy for three months, but we're also very happy to provide walking buddies for more short-term goals, such as giving someone the confidence to get to the supermarket for the first time after lockdown.

This project is set up to help adults of any age (18+) who are currently inactive or struggling to get out due to reasons such as:

  • mobility worries
  • fear of falling
  • anxiety
  • lack of confidence
  • loneliness

Our only criteria is that people must be able to physically walk independently (with walking aids if necessary) and must live within the City of York boundary.

How do I request a Move Mate?

You can self-refer to have a Move Mate or you can make a referral on behalf of someone else. If you are referring someone, you must have their express consent to share their details.

Complete the online request form here

If you cannot complete the online form, give us a call on 01904 373017.

What happens next?

We'll send out a welcome pack which includes information about the project, information about how we use personal data and a guide to setting goals. 

Next up, one of our team will get in touch to find out a bit more about you and what you hope to get from having a Move Mate. Then we'll pair you up with one of our volunteers and set the date and time for your first walk.

Your allocated Move Mate will meet you at your front door and accompany you wherever you want to go; perhaps it’s a walk to the local shop or to pick up a prescription, it could be a walk to an activity you’ve wanted to attend, maybe you fancy a walk around the block just to get you moving and have a chat. Your Move Mate will be able to advise you on some basic exercises to help you get moving too.