A relevant charity in society right now

Kat has only been volunteering for Move the Masses for a few weeks but she has already become heavily involved and wishes she had found out about the charity sooner. 

When she was furloughed from her job in Leeds at the beginning of lockdown, she, like many York residents, signed up to the City of York Council volunteer scheme, but not much came through and when something did, it wasn’t quite up her street. 

She only heard about Move the Masses through the job advert for the Project Manager role and although she applied for the job, she decided actually she just wanted to be involved as a volunteer.

What attracted her to Move the Masses was its relevance in society right now.  

A local cause that helps people’s wellbeing, tackles loneliness, understands mental health issues and had adapted to support more people in a pandemic felt like an important organisation to be involved in. 

Kat had always been brought up to be resilient, but she also had never had to deal with such issues herself. When the lockdown started, she was furloughed, in the middle of buying a house she realised how affected she was and very much empathised how others would be feeling. 

Kat decided to take redundancy from her previous position, but in that role, she drew on volunteers’ support to help out in schools. She worked from Leeds, but often had work on further afield in Manchester and Birmingham. At that time she didn’t feel she had the time or energy to volunteer.

It dawned on her, however, that she was not practising what she preaches, and during lockdown was the perfect time to seize the opportunity and volunteer herself. 

Now Kat has a Move Mate she enjoys walking with and she decided to offer a day a week as an admin volunteer.

Her admin day involves Egg allocating tasks to her around referrals. Kat makes phone calls to people who have been referred for a Move Mate and goes through a series of questions with them to establish their goals, and answers their questions about the project. She captures their details on the system and goes on to make follow up calls to see how beneficiaries are getting on. 

Kat loves making those follow up calls, and hearing how the beneficiaries physical and mental health improve.

People really value the walking buddy service and many of them say they really look forward to their Move Mate's visit. For some it is the highlight of their week.

She thinks Move Mates is really worthwhile service and sees clearly the demand for it. 

I can really see why Egg would want to grow the walking buddy service. It’s really exciting and a huge challenge, but with Egg at the helm, I am sure it would succeed.