Bec Horner - Trustee

At the age of five Bec started walking the fells in the Lake District and some 40 years later still finds hiking to be her favourite past time, a time to appreciate life and put any worries to rights. Her love of walking the hills, inspired by her Dad, has been a constant throughout her life.

Pilates became a staple from her 20s and then in her 30s she found running. And running is where she feels most liberated. It brings her the headspace to sort through any issues and the time to value the small things in life. That simple act of putting one foot in front of the other, in the fresh air, brings an instant feeling of pleasure and wellbeing.

Combining her passion for exercise with her love of community, GoodGym offered her a way of volunteering and ‘giving back’ at the same time as indulging her love for running.

There she met Egg and was inspired by her vision for Move the Masses. Including everyone, from all walks of life, in a journey of fitness and movement that is affordable and fun feels like the ultimate route to a meaningful and happy life. So Bec couldn't wait to be involved!