increase community engagement

We organise, promote and deliver fun, inclusive and professionally run events to get people moving.

Our sessions and events provide people with quality instruction and guidance, giving them the confidence to use installed outdoor fitness equipment safely and effectively. 

Our events also serve to showcase your space and demonstrate how your investment is beneficial to your local community.

case study

Navigation Road Fitness Area, Guildhall Ward, York

We were asked to provide a series of sessions for local residents. The Resident’s Association had been campaigning for 13 years to have an outdoor gym installed but needed guidance on how to use the equipment and instruction on different exercises.

Group of people at Navigation Road Fitness Area
Older woman using equipment at Navigation Road

We ran sessions alongside a local pay-as-you-feel lunch event to get the best level of engagement, and saw a regular group of residents of varying abilities  coming along to learn how to use the equipment.

We filmed three simple workouts for people to use and follow in their own time.

want us to activate your space?

  • One-off sessions
  • Community events
  • Filmed workouts
  • Consultation and instruction