Move Mate Profile: Kate

Regular walking buddy Kate tells Move the Masses why she became a volunteer Move Mate.
“I became involved with Move Mates after someone from Move the Masses gave an introductory talk at my workplace. 

I love walking and thoroughly enjoy being outdoors with my husband and dog. Our holidays are often spent in the hills, the Highlands of Scotland are my favourite destination. 

I work as a physiotherapist for the NHS in York. Supporting people to get out and about through walking is relevant to my 'day job' and if I can contribute to preventing or delaying people needing physiotherapy through the NHS, it has to be a good thing. 

I don't work Wednesdays and enjoy walking, so felt I had time to volunteer. 

My walking partner has anxiety issues and benefits from getting out of the house. 
"I feel much better mentally, the encouragement helps. Face to face contact with someone is so important, I have friends but we mostly speak on the telephone. I am about the same physically, I have a progressive bone disease and it is helping me to stay healthy. Getting out of the house is important for maintaining my mental health."
Feedback from Kate's walking partner

We have had some lovely walks around Hob Moor and the amazing green corridors close by. However our recent walks have been restricted to the local streets as it's been a bit wet underfoot for tramping over the moor! 

I am enjoying the experience of volunteering with Move Mates, especially when my buddy told me she had gained the confidence to attend a local friendship group following our regular walking outings.”