The satisfaction of doing something you are passionate about whilst volunteering 

Chris joined Move the Masses as a volunteer in the summer when he was furloughed from his job. He initially did prescription drops and then went on to become a Move Mate for a local woman that lived not far from him.

I really like what Move the Masses do. I think it is a great philosophy and a great set up. 

Being furloughed saw him have much more spare time than he was used to, so when he saw a request for Walk Leader training for the then new Acomb Ambles walking project, he jumped at the chance. 

I like meeting people, and I love walking, so Acomb Ambles seemed ideal!

Chris has always worked with young people in the community and loves being involved in community projects and meeting people. So now, following his training, he leads a leisurely walk through Acomb on a monthly basis.  

He has done two so far and he thinks the people that come do it for their mental wellbeing as much as the physical aspect. People are pleased to get out and meet other people. Some are becoming regulars, others do it as a one off and then from the experience gain some confidence and choose to do it again themselves.

Chris said that everyone who has joined an Amble has discovered places they had never been to before.

I, myself, have lived in Acomb for 20 years and I had never been to Bachelor Hill. And it is amazing up there. What a view!

Another woman had lived near Fishponds Woods for years, but had never been in. Going on the Acomb Amble brought her confidence and now she walks through her local woods on her own.

So the social and the discovery aspect of the walks seem to appeal to everyone, but the feel-good feeling from walking, and the fresh air, is also a big plus. 

Chris said he liked seeing an evolving charity, trying new things to improve community wellbeing. 

I love the fact that at no expense to the public and without them needing to regularly commit, people can meet up for a safe, leisurely wander around their local area with other people and experience the joy from such a simple act. 

Egg, CEO of Move the Masses is delighted the walking project is going so well. 

It's great that different people of all kinds of abilities are enjoying the walks. It seems people love to do something sociable and many are blown away by discovering green spaces they never knew about before, right on their own doorstep.

If you would like to go on an Acomb Amble, check out our Events page for all the dates.

All our events, and our walking buddy service, are free to participate in, however they do cost money to run. If you would like to support the services Move the Masses provide, why not become a Regular Giver?