Volunteering makes you feel good 

Helen found out about Move the Masses on Facebook, she thinks, she can’t quite remember because she is a busy bee and a 'do-er'… but wherever it was she just thought Sounds fantastic, absolutely marvellous! I want to do that.

Once she had applied, she says she was signed up, vetted, received her ID and had her first job assigned really quickly. 

I am a real 'do-er'. I have been volunteering for years and much of that regular volunteering you can’t do now. I really wanted to get out and about and do some good and this opportunity was perfect.

Helen is one of our few volunteers that delivers prescriptions by car. It has worked out perfectly because she often takes batches from Clifton Moor to people further afield in the outlying villages. 

Helen is super sociable, she loves meeting new people, loves an informal chat and is an altogether friendly person.

I now have some regulars that I take medication to!” she laughs “I just want to scoop them up and give them a big hug, but I know I can’t!

Helen also loves meeting the other Move the Masses volunteers, she finds them a really friendly bunch. She can’t wait to volunteer as a walking buddy when we get back to our normal operations. 

Helen retired from her busy job in Aviation Administration only a month before lockdown, so she was getting used to filling her day and volunteering. Lockdown saw her lose this routine, so her volunteering with Move the Masses has filled that gap nicely. 

But Helen is no newcomer to volunteering. She has worked with kids and young people for much of her adult life, providing respite, independent visiting and most recently with Choose2Youth, running a youth club and helping out in the cafe in Hull Road Park. There is a simple reason for that:

Volunteering makes you feel good.

And, like so many of our volunteers, Helen is also making welfare calls to two different women. She calls them 3 times a week and they have a real laugh and a joke. One of them, who lives close to her, she hopes to pair up with after coronavirus and support her as her Move Mate. She says they both are very happy to be rung regularly. 

Helen is just one of nearly a hundred volunteers who have ensured people who are isolating, shielding and vulnerable have access to their medication and a friendly person to talk to. 

Helen is an absolute star.