The gift that keeps giving

Regular giver, Fiona, was super excited when we talked this week. I’ve just finished my first welfare call!  she told me, having joined us as a volunteer just recently.

She was really pleased to be able to start volunteering with Move the Masses and felt good to be in communication with an older woman who really appreciated the chat.

But this isn’t Fiona’s only connection with Move the Masses. 

A cycling friend of our founder Egg, Fiona joined Egg and Ellie, another of our fabulous volunteers, in a gruelling triathlon last year to raise money for the charity. A triathlon that involved swimming 3.8km of Windermere, running up and down Scafell Pike and - and this was Fiona’s bit - cycling up and round 112 miles of the Lake District mountains with 4000m+ of climbing.

The triathlon was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! Arriving at a 33 degree incline, Hardknott Pass, at mile 90 was a real killer. But we raised nearly £1000 for Move the Masses and that made it all worthwhile!

Since then, Fiona, a Financial Advisor who works from home, decided to become a regular giver to Move the Masses. She sponsors our 'Move Map'  outdoor fitness project and feels it is a really worthwhile way to give to charity.

Movement is crucial to me, I am a really active person, so giving everyone the opportunity to be more active - whether it is going for a walk with a Move Mate, or working out safely in your local park - is so important. I love how Move the Masses lifts the barriers to improving the mental and physical wellbeing of anyone, whatever their age or ability.

My regular donation is really not very much on a monthly basis. It’s great to give it to an organisation really dedicated to the cause.

Fiona truly is a massive supporter of Move the Masses; a volunteer, a fundraiser and a regular giver. 

Thank you Fiona, we love your devotion!

Support Move the Masses 

If you would like to support Move the Masses, like Fiona, you can set up a regular payment. 

Maybe you have always fancied a challenge and would like to raise funds for us? Go for it, we will help you set up a fundraising page and get behind you every step of the way.