Playing my part to help others

Debbie Miller became a volunteer at Move the Masses at the beginning of lockdown. She did a guest blog for us on why she likes to play her part in helping others...

As one of the 3000+ people who signed up with York Council to support anyone affected by the Coronavirus lockdown, I followed the advice to join local Facebook volunteer groups.

Doing so opened my eyes to the number of charities and organisations helping with the huge effort to look after everyone in the area.

One of the social media posts I read was about a charity I hadn’t heard of before, supporting the council to help those in need. 

So, I looked up their website… and was astonished!

Move the Masses is a small charity that creates healthy communities by enabling people to improve their wellbeing through exercise. It usually does this through a project called Move Mates, who are volunteers that encourage and support some of the most vulnerable people to engage in some form of exercise.

Obviously, social distancing has temporarily put a stop to that, but this small charity has embraced the use of technology to deliver daily exercise videos and phone calls to the people they support.

However, this is just part of the story, as Move the Masses is also now one of the main organisations helping deliver services to people on behalf of the council. This includes their volunteers calling other people in and around York who will benefit from a friendly chat. And it also involves healthy volunteers using their daily exercise to collect and distribute prescription medicines. 

I was amazed that what was a small but growing charity before lockdown became a full-time operation almost overnight.

I am so happy to play my part to help others by volunteering with Move the Masses. A charity that, while continuing to deliver exercise and friendship to its own beneficiaries, is extending its reach to help even more people in need of being moved, both physically and emotionally.