Pharmacies in York shout out Move the Masses

When Move the Masses started delivering prescriptions to our isolated and shielding residents, we had no idea how big the service would become.

We knew we had brilliant, active volunteers. We knew we could plan, organise and communicate effectively. We were also passionate about providing a much-needed service in a time of crisis. 

Big thanks from Bishopthorpe Road Pharmacy to Rachel, Lucy, Rachel and Jenna from Move the Masses who have been delivering medication to those who are isolating at home.

A few shouts outs on social media saw volunteer applications sky-rocket. Our founder, Egg, and Helen, our Move Mates Project Manager, leapt into action, working tirelessly to create a new system to handle the huge surge in volunteers and referrals.

What we first imagined would be a few prescriptions a day, has now turned into bulk deliveries from several of the busiest pharmacies in York. 

Humongous appreciation to Egg and all the brilliant volunteers, from all our patients and teams at Haxby Group Pharmacy, Bishopthorpe Road Pharmacy, Tower Court Pharmacy, MJ Roberts Chemist and Poppleton Pharmacy.

We have cyclists and walkers volunteering across the city daily. In just over one month we have delivered over 1000 prescriptions.

So, when several pharmacies in the city said a massive Thank You for the service and our amazing volunteers on social media, we had to say, it is our absolute pleasure to be able to do this. 

Massive thanks from Poppleton Pharmacy to Jen and Pete from Move the Masses who have been delivering medication to the residents of Poppleton who are staying at home.