People feel reassured by our service 

Rachel had just left her job as a Social Worker for York’s Mental Health team a few weeks before coronavirus hit the country.

She had heard good things about Move the Masses and felt our focus on wellbeing, inclusion and community really resonated with her own values. Rachel was already signed up to be a Move Mate (walking buddy) volunteer before the lockdown was enforced.

Rachel was keen to do something constructive with her time and knows how important exercise and connection with others is for mental wellbeing.

Now, in the time of Covid-19 pandemic, Rachel volunteers doing both welfare calls and prescription deliveries. 

I get an overriding sense that people feel reassured by our service. Isolated people feel much less vulnerable knowing there is someone who is going to regularly be in touch. 

The people I talk to also see Move the Masses as very reliable. They see that we do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.

Rachel is impressed with the organisation behind Move the Masses. 

On a recent welfare call, she picked up that the person she was talking to needed a prescription to be delivered and was able to note this down in her call log knowing it would be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Sure enough, on the following call the woman was delighted to have got her prescription so promptly.

Rachel feels that we are community building and making the city stronger for everyone. 

On a personal level, Rachel enjoys getting out most days and has done lots of miles. She is keen to carry on in the future and get paired up with someone she can walk with when exercising in a pair is allowed again. 

Rachel knows walking is good for her mind and body and wants to be able to do that for, and with, someone else too.