Lizzie is a dedicated Ear, Nose and Throat Registrar, working in the NHS for the last 9 years. She loves her work. She loves the people, the staff and the patients and she feels privileged to be allowed such close interaction with those that she treats on a daily basis. 

She goes to work each day hoping that she makes a difference.

Lizzie has lived in York for three years and has been volunteering throughout her time here. She has spent many a happy hour with friends in big groups helping local charities with all sorts of tasks. 

COVID-19 has changed everything for her.

I no longer spend my day doing clinics and operating on patients, all that has been cancelled (unless it's an emergency or cancer, be assured we will see you). We now care for patients with suspected coronavirus, which is a big change for us surgeons. We hope that with the support of our physician colleagues, and our past experiences, that we help people on their road to recovery, and in the worst cases ensure a comfortable and peaceful stay on our wards.

Lizzie’s volunteering has changed too. Large group social volunteering is no longer allowed. 

Even though down time is precious for her, she became a Move the Masses volunteer so that she could provide assistance to people in the community who are most at risk. People with illnesses who depend on their medications but know that leaving their homes might expose them. 

Move the Masses has given me the opportunity to get out of my house, do some exercise and, most importantly, make a real difference. I love the appreciative smiles and thanks that I'm given as people realise that they now have the medicines they need to keep well.

In our eyes Lizzie is a total Super Hero.