Movement that is achievable for all - even in your 80s

Zillah first attended a Move the Masses pop-up workout a month before lockdown. 

At the age of 80, it had been a long time since she had exercised outside, except for walking, although she is pretty mobile doing a couple of exercise classes a week indoors. 

She really enjoyed the session and Egg’s style of instruction 

Egg really knows her stuff. She puts instructions across in such a succinct, clear and easy-to-understand way. She warned us about overdoing it and showed various levels of exercise, so everyone was catered for.

She also found the set up relaxed and casual. 

You can do as much or as little as you like. Some people were doing 25 squats, I was happy with 10. You can take a rest if you want and it is very easy to ask questions. I liked knowing whether I was in the right position and whether I was doing the exercises correctly.

Zillah was all primed to come back for another session again soon after. 

Little did she know that two weeks later, as a ‘vulnerable person with underlying health conditions’ not only would she not be back for another session, but she would also be unable to leave her house for any reason for the next three months. 

For Zillah, a busy, independent octogenarian, this set up did not suit her at all. 

Being a regular Facebook user, she found out about our daily online ’Ten minutes of Movement’ live workouts and starting joining in. And now, without fail, she is there with her various household items - a saucepan, a toilet roll, a book, a towel - having a go.

She loves doing it. It brings a positive, fun focus to her day where she knows she will be moving and most likely laughing. 

Zillah said:

Ten minutes is a super variety of exercises for all abilities. It’s really well demonstrated and adaptable for all levels of fitness and age. It is so achievable that it boosts one’s moral and that’s exactly what many of us need right now.

In fact, Zillah wrote to us to ask how she could donate to the charity. She was so happy to do the workouts and delighted to hear we were helping shielding people, just like herself, with welfare calls and prescriptions. 

If you would like support the wellbeing of other people, feel free to Donate 

If you want to get moving, and laughing, join us on Facebook every weekday at 1pm for Ten minutes of Movement.