Move the Masses use Circuit route planner to make prescription deliveries more efficient

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic Move the Masses have been on the front line delivering essential medication to the self isolating and vulnerable residents of York. 

The number of prescription pick-ups is increasing on a daily basis, including bulk medication and delivery rounds from several pharmacists helping reach more people in need, faster. 

Our volunteers are absolutely amazing. They are reacting instantly to new requests and cycling around, panniers bursting, delivering all over the city. 

To support them more we wanted to make the deliveries as efficient as possible. 

One of our volunteers started researching route delivery apps and came across Circuit. Circuit is used across the globe so that parcel deliveries can optimise their routes. 

Luckily for Move the Masses, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Circuit have made their app available to charities for free. 

That means our teams of prescription delivery volunteers  - both on foot and on their bikes - can find the best, optimal route to take between the households they need to deliver to. 

Not only are they delivering medicine quicker, they are also keeping themselves safer by being away from their own home for a shorter period. 

A big thumbs up to Circuit from all at Move the Masses.

Circuit is available free of charge to other charities right here