Move Mate Ann explains how much she gets out of helping people

Move Mate Ann with a lady she walks with.

Ann applied to be a Move Mate in December, and has already provided regular walking support to three beneficiaries in Osbaldwick, Fulford and Wigginton!

I just like to think I'm doing something to help people. It's easy for me really, all I have to do is go for a walk and I enjoy listening to their stories.

So far, Ann has helped someone get out to do his weekly shop, provided a bit of company and a natter for someone who is usually housebound and supported another beneficiary by giving her a boost of confidence to get out and get walking a little further than she would on her own.

As well as the physical health benefits of walking such as improved cardiovascular health and improved range of mobility in joints, walking also releases endorphins which improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

It's not just reducing social isolation for beneficiaries either, Ann explained that being a volunteer has an impact on her own mental and physical health too.

I usually wouldn't leave my desk at lunchtime, so being a Move Mate means I have a reason to get up and go for a walk. I feel much better after getting some fresh air. It's great that I can fit some volunteering into my lunch break too.

If you're interested becoming a Move Mate, check out our volunteer roles section.