Move Mates collaborated with local organisations to find an Arabic-speaking volunteer.

Rena was referred to Move Mates as she wanted to get out and about in her local area but lacked confidence. As Rena's first language is Arabic, we set about trying to find an Arabic speaking walking buddy to ensure she got the most out of her walks.

As we often work in collaboration with other organisations, Move the Masses has lots of great local connections. Alice from United Bikes, provides cycle training in York for women of all nationalities and who are often from refugee and immigrant communities. Alice was able to put us in touch with Emma, a fluent Arabic speaker, who loved the idea of helping Rena to get out into her local community. 

A few weeks ago Rena and her daughter linked up with Emma for a walk in their local neighbourhood. They chatted as Rena showed Emma the area she lived in. Rena enjoyed it so much she wanted to arrange another walk as soon as possible! 

“Being able to help someone like Rena is absolutely wonderful. This experience has increased my understanding of the difficulties that older people might face during their daily life, where even the things that we take for granted, for them is a big challenge. I loved our chat and our walk, so I guess I have benefited from my visit to Rena, maybe even more than she did!

You certainly don’t need to be fluent in Arabic to be a Move Mate and with most walks taking less than half an hour it could be fitted in at lunch time or after work. You decide how often you can walk together. 

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