Helping the masses through the COVID-19 pandemic

After 10 days of non-stop planning, Move the Masses are now fully operational at the front line of volunteer support during the COVID-19 pandemic in York. 

Both Egg, our founder, and Helen, our Move Mates Project Manager, have worked tirelessly to adapt our policies and procedures, repurposing our services during the coronavirus to maintain support for our our local older and vulnerable people in a way they need right now. 

We suspended our walking buddy and free outdoor workout services as soon as Government recommended.

Welfare calls keeping in touch with the vulnerable

Now instead of walking with our beneficiaries, we have paired everyone up with a volunteer to provide them with a regular ‘welfare call’ (or a ‘welfare letter', for those who are hard of hearing) to see how they are doing and to establish whether they need any further support (with grocery shopping or picking up a prescription, for example). 

The welfare calls started last week and already, people are feeling more connected and less isolated. They're able to ask for further support and we're able to organise it for them or signpost them to a local organisation who can help. To date, Move the Masses have paired up volunteers with 75 vulnerable people with several requests for regular calls coming from City of York Council after people have contacted their helpline.

We recruited 40 new volunteers in a week and have nearly all of them fully vetted to start reacting to requests from the City of York Council straight away. 

“We've been working closely with City of York Council (CYC) to help with requests that come through their COVID-19 helpline. As we already had processes in place for managing volunteers, we've been able to act quickly and respond to all requests that have been made, but that wouldn’t have happened without the hard work of staff and volunteers being so responsive.”

Medication deliveries ensuring the essentials get to you

Our medication deliveries both on behalf of pharmacies, and also to help individuals who are self-isolating, started this week and we are getting more and more requests coming in. As soon as a request comes in, a volunteer offers to do the task and the job is allocated out. The number of requests for prescription pick-ups is increasing every day but we're confident our volunteers will be able to meet the demand.

Move the Masses are working closely with partners across the city including GoodGym York who are providing a home delivery shopping service for isolated and vulnerable people.

All over the city our volunteers are out and about providing support for those in need.  

Move the Masses are also printing ID cards on behalf of CYC for around 1400 volunteers so that those helping the vulnerable can identify themselves to police.

Free online workouts bringing fun, movement and wellbeing to all

And that is not all. 

Before Joe Wicks had even begun his PE sessions, our founder Egg started broadcasting 10 minute lunchtime workouts for anyone self isolating or working/schooling from home. 

Using everyday household objects, Egg leads a fun physical workout supporting people’s mental wellbeing as well as their physical health. There are gentle versions an older person can follow and more advanced to really keep fitter people challenged. 

Don’t miss them on Facebook at 1pm every week day.

If you would like to volunteer to make welfare calls or pick up prescriptions Apply here 

If you need support during at this moment, contact City of York Council on 01904 551550 or email [email protected]