Going the extra mile for an isolated person 

Ten days ago, Nikki, a Move the Masses volunteer was making a welfare call to an older women living on her own and realised she was very upset. 

As well as being distressed at the coronavirus situation and being alone, the real thing that was on her mind was not being able to put flowers on her late husband’s grave.

“It was her late husband’s birthday the following week and she was really distressed she wouldn’t be able to visit his grave with flowers, as she always did.

Nikki already knew that GoodGym were delivering groceries to isolated individuals so she suggested to Mrs W that she would look into flowers being bought and put on the grave for her. 

Nikki ensured GoodGym got the instructions and actually knew the GoodGym volunteer who was going to do the good deed.

Nikki checked in on Mrs W the morning the flowers were to be delivered.

“She was very cheerful, much more upbeat than she had been when we first talked. She specifically said she felt very comforted knowing that there were people looking out for her.”

GoodGym volunteer Katie took up the task to buy and deliver the flowers.

“I was really pleased to get such an unusual and meaningful task. We have done lots of shopping, this was a little different. Before I went to the cemetery, Mrs W was really grateful. It felt like I was doing double the good, it was lovely to ease her anxiety and recognise her joy. 

“I didn’t realise that the task had initially come from a welfare call a friend of mine took via Move the Masses. I loved the fact that two of my fellow GoodGymers had established and passed on the task. It felt like a perfect chain of events.”