Gaining enough confidence to get out on her own

Steph started volunteering at Move the Masses in mid July initially helping out with prescription deliveries in Huntington. More recently she was asked if she would like to walk with a women who lived 10 minutes away from her. She happily agreed. 

Her beneficiary, Esther, had lost confidence in going out and she only managed to get out aided by a walker when her daughter was available. As her daughter's shifts changed, she managed to persuade Esther to get a Move Mate. 

Steph had not walked alongside anyone before as a Move Mate, so didn't really know what to expect. She introduced herself and suggested they walk up the road together. 

Even on that first walk, Esther requested "Can we go a little further?"

Steph really enjoyed the chat they had and together they walked about 1km. Esther was delighted with her first walk and Steph thought she seemed really pleased with herself. 

They arranged to meet weekly; each week Steph chose a different route and they did indeed 'walk a little further.'

I haven't been for a coffee since lockdown began.

When Steph found out that Esther hadn't been to her local cafe since lockdown, the walked to it together and enjoyed a cuppa outside in the sun. 

Then Esther mentioned her love for Moorlands Wood, an area she loved and a place she hadn't managed to visit for some time. She wondered if they might meet there some time.

Steph agreed, so they arrived in their separate cars, and walked around the woods not once, but twice, on pretty uneven ground, something Esther could have not contemplated just a few weeks before. 

Then for a couple of weeks they were unable to meet, but they arranged to walk together again after Steph's optician's appointment the following week. Little did Steph know that Esther wanted to prove herself, and surprised her by arriving at the Opticians to commence their walk from there! 

Esther admitted to Steph that her confidence from walking together was significantly raised, so much so that she had walked to the village on her own a couple of times. But Esther did wonder if they might still enjoy a regular walk together. 

She is just so lovely

Steph readily agreed. She loves her chats and walks with Esther and they have lots of interesting conversations about crafting and teaching and all sorts of things. 

In fact Steph organises monthly craft sessions in Haxby which she would love Esther to come to. In the current Tier 2 climate, they are doing the craft sessions on Zoom. "No matter" said Esther, "I can do Zoom.