Over the past year Move the Masses have gained more and more volunteers to support and run the services we provide. We have gone through many procedures to ensure our volunteers’ enrolment and training experience is second to none and we are constantly learning and revising our practices through gathering feedback.

Our Move Mate volunteers suggested ID cards, to help our beneficiaries verify their identity and feel safer. Thanks to a grant from the Ways to Wellbeing Small Grants Fund for a card printer, our volunteers are now the proud owners their own ID cards and we have the facility to print ID cards for others. 

For a small fee, Move the Masses are offering to make charities and community groups their own ID cards, providing an affordable service whilst raising a few extra pennies.

Local charity Breast Friends have already used the service.

"The process is quick and easy and the service is perfect for our charity which only requires a small number of cards on an irregular basis."

If you want to provide the peace of mind an ID card provides, contact us on [email protected]