Finding the right balance between work, fun and good

Nikki and Rich Gover are a super adventurous couple. They like nothing more than to run and climb mountains, ski, swim and go out exploring in their camper van. 

They love outdoor life and they like to push themselves with big endurance challenges.

They both have jobs that see them working inside, often behind a desk. Rich is a Patent Attorney at a law firm in York, Nikki helps an international pharmaceutical firm get new products registered around the world. 

Nikki was drawn to volunteering because she wanted to help others who weren’t as fortunate as her. A regular GoodGym member, she liked the idea of volunteering for Move the Masses as she saw the welfare calls and prescription deliveries would be flexible and varied. 

Rich is always trying to find a balance between work, fun and doing good. He has volunteered for years; as a Samaritan, a Mentor for young people and with GoodGym too.

It was a blow for both of them when as a couple they decided they shouldn’t do the outdoor prescription deliveries because of Rich’s asthma.  So, welfare calls it was.

A few calls in, and both of them quickly recognised how busy Egg and Helen were on administrative tasks. They quickly offered to help. 

Rich and Nikki now monitor and react to support requests coming into the Move the Masses database from welfare calls and ensure additional action takes place. This might be organising a grocery shop for someone or arranging an emergency food parcel.

It's very similar to the sort of admin I do at work frankly so it's nice to be able to put that to a more social use! Plus, I have an unnatural need for order so tidying things away in a spreadsheet makes me happy (all good things start with a spreadsheet).

One of Nikki’s own welfare calls brought up the fact that an older woman was very distressed because she wasn’t able to put flowers on her late-husband’s grave to mark his birthday. Nikki was over the moon to be able to organise for this to happen with a GoodGym volunteer and said the grateful response from the woman during their next call was priceless.