“I am in awe of everything Move the Masses is doing and just so grateful for the opportunity to be involved.” so starts my conversation with volunteer Amy Perch.

Amy only moved to York at the end of December and immediately started looking to volunteer. As a keen runner, it didn’t take her long to find GoodGym and get involved with doing good in the city. 

It was through GoodGym’s online social groups she read about a call for volunteers with Move the Masses just before lockdown had commenced and she applied straight away. 

It was simple for her, she knew she wanted to do good and she knew she wanted to get out and about. So delivering prescriptions during the pandemic was right up her street. 

Amy works as the Sexual Violence Liaison Officer at the University of York. She had a week off work booked just as lockdown started so she picked up deliveries every day that week. Since then she has tried to do as much as possible, delivering before and after work. 

I am so grateful to be fit and well, and feel very lucky to be in the position to help people. I am really thankful for everything I have and everyone I have delivered to has been so grateful too. Move the Masses are definitely making a difference, you see it in people’s eyes. It is so important to get their medicine to them and offer a little bit of help.

Amy told a story about one woman who was quite emotional and het up when she arrived with her prescription. It transpired her husband was unwell and that they had run out of milk. Amy quickly pedalled off, five minutes later bringing back a carton of milk. The woman was crying on her return saying she 'couldn’t thank her enough for what she had done'.

Amy totally knows how much it means to every person she visits even when only a few words are exchanged, at a distance. 

She was also praising the behind-the-scenes support and organisation of Move the Masses claiming it is so easy to volunteer, all the processes are really well organised and how great it is to do as little, or as much as possible. 

I haven’t known her for long, but Egg at Move the Masses is an amazing human being, I am so in awe of everything she is doing. Every day she goes above and beyond to make things happen for other people. She, and everyone behind the scenes, has made a massive impact during these horrific times. It’s such an amazing team effort. I am so glad to be part of such a crucial service.

To date, Amy has delivered 35 prescriptions and done 120km on her bike. Amy, like all our volunteers, is an absolute star!