Doing community good whilst out on a walk 

Sarah knew she wanted to get out more, but found it tricky because of a health condition. She was lacking in confidence and felt she was very much stuck in the house. 

I sit inside, don’t do anything just watching TV and wasting life away.

All she really wanted to do was be able to walk to the local shops. She was paired up with Move Mate Kirsty and that is exactly what they did. 

Whilst on their walks, Sarah was shocked to see all the litter in the area, so Kirsty suggested they did some litter picking together. 

They both had litter pickers at home, so the next time they walked together, that is exactly what they did.  

Kirsty took a plastic bag along with them and they were busy reaching for every can and sweet wrapper they could see.

They had collected a full bag by the time they had reached the shops and collected cans on the way home to recycle. 

Sarah was delighted to have made a difference to her community at the same time as getting out and about. 

At the end I was exhausted but it felt good. I’d definitely do it again.

Kirsty enjoyed the walk too. She said  “All in all, a very satisfying walk. Less steps maybe than we might have done,  but all the bending and stretching saw us do a bit of a work out, as well.”