Chatting together, supporting one another

From the stories we hear from our volunteers, and the feedback we get from the people we call and deliver to, it seems our volunteers are going the extra mile whenever they can. 

The impact they are making, in these extraordinary times, is enormous. 

What we hear time and time again is that the people we are in touch with feel reassured and are very grateful. 

Here are some stories, quotes and reactions we have received in the last couple of weeks that we wanted to share. 

Suffice to say, our volunteers truly are amazing and we value them, and thank them, enormously. 

Really friendly and caring 

Harry really liked the volunteer who delivered his medicine, she kept the correct distance away but was still really friendly and caring.

Inspiring human beings 

Just had a lovely chat on the phone with my Belinda. She has been looking up Move the Masses and listened to Egg on the radio the other day and was full of praise for everyone. She said she wanted to pass on how grateful she was for everything we were doing for her and others at the moment and was seriously impressed! In her words  "you're all absolutely amazing and wonderfully inspiring human beings". We also discussed other important things such as swapping banana bread recipes!

It helps me too 

I think chatting to strangers is helping me just as much as them - Jenna

Amy going the extra mile 

Amy told a story about one woman who was quite emotional and het up when she arrived with her prescription. It transpired her husband was unwell and that they had run out of milk. Amy quickly pedalled off, five minutes later bringing back a carton of milk. The woman was crying on her return saying she 'couldn’t thank her enough for what she had done’.

People feel reassured

I get an over riding sense that people feel reassured by our service. I feel that the isolated people feel much less vulnerable knowing there is someone who is going to regularly be in touch.People I talk to also see Move the Masses as very reliable. They see that we do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.  - Rachel 

Very kind of you to call 

Just had a 10 minute chat with the lovely woman I usually walk with. She's in good form and was happy to chat. I let her know I could pick up her prescription if she wanted but she thought the chemist had it sorted. She is doing gentle exercises, but her legs hurt a little, so not much. She said it was very kind of me to call. In fact it was very nice to talk to her.

So grateful for what we are doing 

Feeling happy after completing my welfare calls today.Those that know me may know I really hate making phone calls usually, but I feel so happy and uplifted after chatting to my 3 lovely ladies.Hearing what a difference even just a quick chat and a check in can make to them is making me change my mind. They're all so happy and grateful for what we're doing - Nikki

Both of us are enjoying having someone

Just made a welfare call and had a lovely chat - I think both of us are enjoying having someone to check in with regularly. When everyone's activities are limited, it's good to share ideas about things to do and have a few laughs too!

Extremely well organised

Just chatted to my beneficiary and she had lots and lots of praise for the Move the Masses team! She was so impressed that since our call last week her prescription request had been picked up by John and delivered by Samwithin days! She said it was an amazing, extremely well organised system and was very thankful to Nicola for ringing her to sort it all out!

Good to check in 

Wendy said it was really nice just to have people checking in occasionally, even if she doesn't need anything, just so they know they're not alone 

It's the appreciative smiles

I love the appreciative smiles and thanks that I'm given as people realise that they now have the medicines they need to keep well.

Moving people physically and emotionally 

I am so happy to play my part to help others with MTM – a charity that, while continuing to deliver exercise and friendship to its own beneficiaries is extending its reach to help even more people in need of being moved… both physically and emotionally - Debbie