A walk in the day keeps the doctor at bay 

Dorothy* is in her nineties and uses a walking frame. But she still loves going out for a walk. Until recently she struggled to get out of her house.

This all changed when she was paired with Bec - her Move Mate. For the last few months Bec has been accompanying Dorothy on short weekly walks.

Each week, after a quick call to check Dorothy is still okay to go out, Bec jumps on her bike for the five minute ride to Dorothy’s house. By the time she arrives Dorothy is ready in her coat and hat. Once outside Dorothy takes a big breath of fresh air. She loves feeling the elements on her face. 

They don’t walk far - usually slowly to a lamp post just around the corner. Whilst they walk they chat about the changing seasons; family life; books they are reading and they look at the flowers in the gardens they pass. 

Here is what Dorothy has to say about their weekly walks.

“I love getting out in the fresh air and having someone to chat with too. I always look forward to our walks and feel much better for having done them. I practise walking in the corridors in the week because I know it is good for me, but there is nothing like getting outside for a walk with a friendly face.”

Bec also enjoys her time with Dorothy.

“I love walking with Dorothy too. It takes no effort to go and see her. I am usually back home in an hour. I enjoy our chats and it is a great feeling seeing her joy at being outside. I am pretty sure I enjoy it as much as she does! After our walks we check our diaries together and set a time to meet again. It’s a really easy process."

Could you help someone like Dorothy to get out for a walk? Volunteer as a Move Mate.

*Not her real name