Free fitness sessions restart at Navigation Road

Before Covid-19 hit, Move the Masses ran some free pop-up workouts at the newly installed Outdoor Gym on Navigation Road between Walmgate and Foss Islands Road. Here's one resident's experience of those sessions. 

“I really enjoy the sessions” said Marjorie, a regular at the Navigation Road pop-up workouts.

I recognise the importance of fresh air and exercise and feel very lucky to have this on my doorstep.

Marjorie lives off Navigation Road on the Rosemary Court estate. She is in her 70s and knows that being fit is good for her. 

That is why she has been campaigning to get some outdoor gym equipment in the green space in her neighbourhood for over 13 years. 

I first saw an outdoor gym in Manchester years ago. I thought it was great that people were exercising outdoors and thought it would be fantastic in my neighbourhood. I approached my councillor Janet Lucker, and she liked the idea too. But it has been a long time coming.

Marjorie used to go to the gym, but she found it expensive and as an older person a bit intimidating. 

She was also keen to avoid developers or the council building on their precious green space in her estate and knew it could easily go to garages or car parking space. 

Earlier this year, a mixed group of locals came to work out together at free pop-up workouts run by Move the Masses on a regular basis. People of ages and abilities, and both men and women, got involved. 

Marjorie likes chatting to her neighbours outside too. 

At the first Move the Masses pop-up she felt a bit embarrassed. 

I saw curtains twitching and my neighbours were asking if I was alright. But now I have no inhibitions. I want to do this to stop getting old too quickly.  I always come away feeing good about what I have achieved.

Ultimately after 13 years of to-ing and fro-ing Marjorie is delighted to finally have the local outdoor gym. She very much hopes it will bring the estate together and improve wellbeing, and community cohesion, across the neighbourhood.

We are exciting to be starting free sessions again at Navigation Road on the 23rd October.

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