Here at Move the Masses we know that community wellbeing matters. Fresh air, getting outdoors and exercising regularly are key factors to creating happier people. 

That’s why we promote all the outdoor gyms and spaces all over the city where people, of all ages and abilities, can exercise for free. We help people by giving them a video workout to follow which is specific to that space. We also provide opportunities to attend free pop-up workouts led by our qualified instructors.

By becoming a sponsor, you are improving the wellbeing of your community at the same time as raising your own profile. We will show off your logo on our website, tell everyone who visits how awesome you are and we'll link to your website too. 

Our sponsors enable us to offer free sessions for the community and to train and mentor our volunteer Move Champions to run them. 

So it’s win:win - good for your organisation, and good for your community. 

Sponsoring us is easy  

Click the button and leave us a comment telling us why you are interested in sponsoring. We will get back to you asking for your logo and website so we can shout about your involvement and ensure everyone knows you care.  

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