100km Challenge Completed!

Thank you Ed, Michael, and Michal.

On the 14th of May, three of our wonderful fundraisers started a difficult and strenuous challenge.

Ed, Michal, and Michael decided they wanted to run 100km (each!) over 25 hours, meaning they’d have to run 4km on the hour every hour, keeping moving throughout the night. The trio set out for their challenge at 8pm on Friday, finishing at 9pm on Saturday, and all said it was one of, if not the toughest physical challenge they’d ever undertaken but knowing they were raising money for Move the Masses spurred them on!

“It was absolutely exhausting and there were definitely moments when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to complete it. But I was overwhelmed by the amount of money that we were raising as the challenge went on, which really helped to keep me going.”


– Ed.

Another key factor in keeping spirits and motivation high was the amazing running community in York – including some of our very own volunteers – who came out to run with our fundraisers and encouraged them.

Ed crosses the finishing line of the 100km challenge
Michael runs through the night

Ed even managed to work in a visit to his Move Mate during

one of his laps:


“At one point on Saturday, I was unexpectedly joined by two other runners just as I was planning on taking in a visit to my [Move Mate] as one of my laps, so she loved it when we all turned up at her door and explained what the challenge was.”


Michael volunteered with us delivering prescriptions during lockdown and said this was one of the reasons he undertook this massive fundraising challenge!


“I think [Move the Masses] is a great charity, and through lockdown last year I really enjoyed having the excuse to get out on a lunchtime to do a prescription delivery or move mail. It gave me a purpose to get out, so was good for me and gave the feeling of doing something really worthwhile!”


– Michael.

All the running and one sleepless night was not in vain though! Ed, Michal, and Michael raised an amazing £1526 across Wonderful.org and Facebook. We want to say a massive thank you to Ed, Michal, and Michael for undertaking this massive challenge and to everyone who donated and supported them.


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