12ks of Christmas Challenge

11th December 2021

A virtual event to get as many people moving as possible!

Join our festive challenge! Anyone can take part from absolutely anywhere. We welcome people of all ages and abilities to participate in whatever way you like to get moving.

This event was the brain child of one of our volunteers who just loves an endurance challenge. It was originally intended as a running event and we encourage our running friends to challenge themselves to do as much as they can on foot. 

If running just isn’t your thing but you still want to be involved, you definitely can! We are encouraging walkers to take part and welcome any form of self-propelled transport.

People in Move the Masses t-shirts ready for activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

12ks of Christmas is a virtual event. Our goal is to get loads of people outside and moving at the same time (but from any location) whilst raising some funds. 

At 1pm on the 11th December, you’ll get out and do 1km. You have a whole hour to get through the distance so you can decide whether you go fast or slow. You need to be finished by 2pm because at 2pm you’ll get out and do 2km, then 3km at 3pm and so on and so forth. 

You can stop at any point when you’ve reached your limit. Some people might do 1km in total and others might carry on all through all the way to midnight (and beyond!).

For anybody who does make it to midnight and wants to continue, the timer starts again at 1am with 1km.

You can complete your kilometres from any location. Set up a hub and get your friends involved, complete the distance solo or move together as a group, it’s totally up to you.

We want you to get out there and get moving in whatever way works for you. You can walk, run, scoot, ride, skate, dance – the only rule is that you must be self-propelled!

We’re raising funds through entry fees but if you would like to donate extra or fundraise individually or as a group, we would love it!

You can donate in one of three ways:

  1. Donate through our Wonderful page: https://wonderful.org/charities/1179679
  2. Donate through our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MTMcharity/fundraisers
  3. Set up a regular donation: http://www.movethemasses.org.uk/donate/

You can set up fundraisers in two ways:

  1. Set up a personal fundraiser on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fund/MTMcharity/
  2. Set up a fundraiser linked to our official event on Wonderful: https://wonderful.org/official-events/13

We do not need you to formally verify your activity, we trust that you’ll do the distance! We’ll send all registered participants a link to log your final distance so we can see how many kilometres were completed.

During the event, you can use any activity tracker to log your distance or if you don’t have one, you can plan your routes in advance using a free, online route creator such as: 



We’ll provide each participant with a progress card and we would love you to shout about how you’re getting on during the challenge! We want to see your pics, videos and stories so we definitely encourage you to share these on our social media channels using the hashtag #mtm12ksofxmas

If you’re a Strava user, why not join our Strava Club to see how everyone else is getting along and give out loads of kudos to keep people motivated.

This event is all about taking part, it’s not a competition and there is no winner, but we challenge you to challenge yourself, whatever your physical limits are!

We’ll have a few spot prizes and anyone who takes part has the chance to bag a prize.

Time Distance Total distance
13:00 1km 1km
14:00 2km 3km
15:00 3km 6km
16:00 4km 10km
17:00 5km 15km
18:00 6km 21km
19:00 7km 28km
20:00 8km 36km
21:00 9km 45km
22:00 10km 55km
23:00 11km 66km
12:00 (midnight!) 12km 78km

It’s very simple to enter, entry costs £10. Please go to our event page to enter.

We are pretty certain that there should not as this would be grammatically incorrect even though we agree it would look more aesthetically pleasing. We decided to stick with grammar ahead of aesthetics.

Refunds are not available for this event so please ensure that you’ll be able to take part before you enter.

We are happy to transfer your entry to another participant free of charge up until the 1st December. To request a transfer please email hello@movethemasses.org.uk.

Transfers will not be available from the 2nd December onward.

We’ll send all registered participants a full briefing pack with our health and safety guidelines for the event.